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Is Your Shadow Dangerous to the Enemy?

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Do you want to radiate God's glory everywhere you go and have a dangerous shadow that heals the sick? Then take the next minute to learn how!

We each have an internal and external atmosphere. Our internal atmosphere is what we are filled with on the inside. Our external atmosphere is what we release around us. The external is an overflow of the internal.

If we cultivate a negative internal atmosphere, it is what we will release around us. If we allow anger and resentment to fill us on the inside, then eventually our external lives and relationships will become full of conflict and turmoil. It's God's desire that inwardly we are filled with righteousness, peace, joy, love, patience and all the fruit of the Holy Spirit. God also desires that we live saturated with His presence. If we learn how to cultivate an internal saturation of the Holy Spirit, eventually our lives will release His glory, presence and power everywhere we go.

Your Heart Radiates God's Presence at Least 10 Feet From Your Body

I have learned an interesting thing about the human heart. Scientists have discovered that the human heart releases a natural energy flowing at least 10 feet from its surface. All around your body there is a 10-foot natural energy field radiating from your heart.

As a result scientists call the heart the "sun of the body." Scripture tells us something amazing about our heart. Galatians 4:6 says that the Holy Spirit has been sent to live in our hearts. So not only do you have natural energy radiating from your heart, but you also have the presence and power of the Holy Spirit radiating from there as well! As a new covenant believer filled with the Spirit, you have at least a 10-foot radius of God's presence overflowing from within you.

What Shadow Are You Casting?

The more we learn to cultivate God's inward presence, the greater the overflow of His glory will be from us. This is what Peter experienced in Acts 5. As he walked down the street, his shadow healed the sick and set the oppressed free. He had a glory zone of God's power all around his body. It radiated from within his heart. We can walk in the same manifest glory and power. What we choose to fill our insides up with will determine what overflows from us.

Think about how you get a shadow. You stand in the light. When light shines on you, a shadow is formed. The same is true in the Spirit. When you stand in the light of God's presence, He overshadows you and you receive a "shadow" filled with God's presence.

As you spend time in God's Word and allow God to fill you with His presence during worship, eventually your spirit will overflow with God's nature, likeness and power. You will radiate His glory! You will release joy, peace, healing and freedom to everyone around you.

Fresh Revelation

You were created to be a vessel of glory. I know God has more for you, and I want to help you get there! In my three-part teaching set Is Your Shadow Dangerous?, I teach you how to have a dangerous shadow with God's power flowing through you everywhere you go! {eoa}

Matt Sorger, author, prophetic messenger, revivalist, healing evangelist, teacher, television host and philanthropist, has served in full-time ministry for over 23 years, spanning more than 200 nations of the earth through travel and media ministry. He hosts a weekly teaching program titled Power for Life. Matt moves in a unique anointing that fills entire rooms with the tangible glory of God with many healed, set free and empowered. He teaches believers how to live lives saturated with the glory of God and brings a great balance between authentic, supernatural encounter and solid biblical truth. He reaches cities and regions by partnering with and impacting local churches to see a great breakthrough of the Holy Spirit.

For the original article, visit mattsorger.com.

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