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If Your Declaration Prayers Are a Name-It-Claim-It Game, You’re Doing It Wrong

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Declaring and decreeing is putting out and calling forth what you received through prayer. It distributes out through the power of your words what you received in prayer. Declaring is activating your faith and creating movement in the natural based on the revelation you received. I like to say that prayer is where we take in from the Father, and declaring is where we put out what we received. It is taking everything you received from the Father in the secret place and releasing it to establish the kingdom and break down strongholds.

Declaring charges the atmosphere around you. When you start to declare things that you know in the natural and keep declaring them, the Holy Spirit will arise within you and start giving you further revelation about what else to declare. When you receive discernment and co-labor with the Holy Spirit, your prayer time ignites, and you become excited to pray!

One morning as I was meditating, I heard the following in my spirit: "Give me favor, unexpected blessings and help me reach people far and wide." I repeatedly kept hearing these words in my spirit and then started speaking them out in prayer. Repeatedly, for 15 to 20 minutes, I kept speaking out in a normal tone, "God, give me favor, unexpected blessings and help me reach people far and wide." I prayed and spoke out the words the Spirit told me to pray. When we spend time with Him, He will lead and guide us in prayer. I prayed those words until I felt the Spirit of the Lord release me to pray in a different direction. I experienced 15 manifestations of that prayer declaration in just one day!

Declaring isn't a "name it, claim it" game. You take a biblical fact, a word of knowledge or a revelation the Father has given you and activate your faith. Put authoritative words with it to call the spirit realm into action. We don't go around loosely naming and claiming. When in alignment with God's will, anything can manifest in our lives.

There is power in the out-spoken word when we ask according to God's will. He knows what His will is for our lives and what He desires to impart. We need to make sure when we are asking that what we are seeking from Him is to accomplish His will. Therefore, when you ask, make sure you are not asking amiss (James 4:3).

Declaring is not for everything we want. If it were, everyone would have everything and would go around declaring all the time. The Scriptures give us the guideline for declaring by saying, "In accordance to His will." He will reveal His will to you and guide you in declaring by His Spirit.

Declaring is to speak out and reveal something in the spiritual to cause it to happen in the natural. It is to proclaim out and speak out with words in order to get a response. Declaring can include releasing some positive thoughts out of your mouth at the beginning of the day. It can include:

  • I declare I am going to be happy, joyful and full of God's love today, demonstrating God's love to all I encounter.
  • I declare forth unity, love and restoration in my marriage.
  • I declare my body is going to be full of strength to accomplish God's work.
  • I declare I am going to have favor in the sight of the Lord and with man today.
  • I call forth a good Christian job to come my way where I will have influence and favor in the marketplace.
  • I call forth the full release of my prophetic destiny.
  • I call forth doors to open on my behalf where I can share my talents, gifting and love of the Lord.

Our Father God declared over Jesus, His Son. When we look at the story of Jesus being baptized in water and prophetically declared over, we see that a series of events took place. The Father spoke a prophetic declaration over His Son:

And immediately, coming up from the water, He saw the heavens parting and the Spirit descending upon Him like a dove. Then a voice came from heaven, "You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased" (Mark 1:10-11).

God declared out loud. It was a declaration from our Father over His Son. As powerful as it was, immediately the devil came in and activated on the out-spoken word and prophetic proclamation by the Father.

Prophetic declarations will bring forth both results and warfare, but there is a positive aspect in knowing how to declare. When you know how to declare you can decree against the warfare that will attempt to attack your situation. {eoa}

Excerpt taken from Speak Out published by Creation House.

Kathy DeGraw is a prophetic healing and deliverance minister and the founder of DeGraw Ministries. She is passionate about releasing the love and power of God to empower and activate people. She is the author of several books including; Speak Out, Warfare Declarations, Who is Speaking? and Powerful Prophetic Proclamations. You can connect with Kathy on Facebook @ facebook.com/kathydegraw or visit degrawministries.org.

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