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Can the American Spirit Be Killed?

Posted on 9/28/2010 by with 0 comments

What King George could not do to early Americans, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Democrats and the Republicans have managed to do in just two years. They have arbitrarily taken governance away from the people making themselves rulers over us. What would Patrick Henry say of what’s happening to our nation? Indeed, he would probably be tagged a right-wing extremist for preaching, “Give me liberty or give me death.” But isn’t that the spirit of America? Where has this passion gone?

I have but one aim with this commentary: To awaken the American spirit in you.

No other nation ever before resisted tyranny with such honor and self-sacrifice as America did. No other nation has brought more humanitarian aid to the nations of the world than the American people have. There has never, in any nation, been a structure of government that has the checks and balances of power, where the people rule through their representatives. Ronald Reagan was right, the United of States of America to the world is like a “city set on a hill.”

The American people carry the spirit of America. It is the spirit of freedom. Determination. Generosity. Faith. Hope. Courage. Independence.

Glenn Beck echoed it best in his monolog: “Let me tell you something: There is nothing Americans cannot do. We are the people that changed the world. We brought hope and liberty to a planet that had never seen those things, never had experienced liberty before. That was us. That was us. Don’t you know who we are?”

“We are the ones who always arrive on the scene of tragedies everywhere else in the world first. We’re the ones. Oh, they hate us until they have a problem. Then they’re the ones — they’re like, ‘Oh, America, we love you so much,'” Beck said on his FOXnews program the Glenn Beck show.

Throughout history America’s heroes and lovers of freedom gave their blood, limbs and lives for the freedom of others. Selfless? You bet. It goes way back to the signers of the Declaration of Independence when they risked: “Our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.” Contrary to what others believe, there is such a thing as American exceptionalism.

The American spirit is under siege. There is an onslaught of demonic ambition against it. A strange spirit has entered, that is defiant and contrary to America’s founding and origin.

The heart of American is discouraged at the spectacle of change delivered by the White House and Congress. The endless spend, spend, spend that is pillaging our children’s future; the taxation threatening to murder the entrepreneurial spirit and abort the American dream. They feel ruled over by the representatives they voted for. Over and over they have been ignored, labeled and even called names by the new ruling political class.

What’s worse, they feel powerless and some even voiceless. They dare to look forward to coming elections and “vote in” other politicians, hoping these will serve and represent the people’s values. Soon they discover these so-called public servants advance the same agenda their predecessors set. Sure, they won and the votes may be counted, but do they matter?

Testing the American Spirit

The demonic attack of this foreign spirit is to weary the American spirit and eventually destroy its enduring nature. Little by little it’s gaining more ground while taking away freedoms.

Will we allow Nancy Pelosi, Obama, the Democrats and Republicans to do to us what old King George could not do to our founders?

Jesus said, “The enemy comes to steal, kill and to destroy.” But before he can do this he must first destroy our faith, our faith in God. The American spirit in my opinion has its roots in faith, faith in God. When we as an American people turn back to the God of the Bible nothing can kill our American character, heart and dream.

Let me conclude with Martin Luther King Jr.. The American spirit was alive in him. African Americans couldn’t even vote, their voice didn’t count or matter. So they marched. No matter what political bullies did, their spirit could not be broken. It is this same American spirit, that sacred honor we need kindled again.

By Brian Burke

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