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An Urgent Appeal to Christians Across America

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The churches in America are God's footprints in our nation. God's churches are blessed and anointed by Him, and the greatest network our nation has. As president of the National Day of Prayer and senior pastor of a local church, I am convinced that we cannot complete our mission of mobilizing unified public prayer for America without the support of the pastors and churches in America. Our priority must be to mobilize pastors and churches to pray for America.

Appealing to Pastors and Churches

I appeal to pastors and churches in America, will you join us in praying for America in 2018? A National Day of Prayer has been observed on the first Thursday of May since 1988. When Thursday, May 3, 2018 comes, we will observe thousands of gatherings across America on the National Day of Prayer.

Just think what would happen if each pastor and church in America established a service or observance on the National Day of Prayer. What are the options?

  • Connect with and mobilize your church to an existing observance somewhere in your community.
  • Create a new observance in your community in order to mobilize more people to pray for our nation.
  • Realize you can create as many observances in your community as desired and there will still not be enough to mobilize your entire community to pray for America

There should be a day in America where at least 100,000 gatherings for prayer occur on the National Day of Prayer. It is my hope that every Christ- follower would want to join with others to pray for America on the National Day of Prayer.

What I Wish I Could Tell Every Pastor and Church in America

If I had the opportunity to personally speak with every pastor and church in America, I would explain that the National Day of Prayer provides a unique opportunity to engage all kinds of people in their communities who love America and hope for its best. Some of these community members may not know Christ personally, but this service or observance can introduce them in a positive, non-threatening way to the things of God and the claims of Jesus Christ.

The people of America love our nation. They realize our nation is broken and in trouble. Most also realize it will take some kind of divine intervention to see our nation go forward together positively.

This is where the National Day of Prayer comes in—to provide the way to connect with one another in a positive, unifying way to pray for America. The National Day of Prayer belongs to all Americans. It is a day where this country can unify over what really matters: praying for America.

What's Next for Pastors and Churches

Please mark Thursday, May 3, 2018, on your personal and church calendar. Determine to schedule the National Day of Prayer as a priority on your personal and church calendar.

Go to our National Day of Prayer website and sign up to host an observance in your community in 2018. Talk to your staff team or church leaders, and determine to become a strong participant in the National Day of Prayer.

Evangelical Christians Should Stand Strong

The church in America should stand strong on the National Day of Prayer in thousands upon thousands of gatherings, proclaiming we believe in the power of prayer, even prayer for our nation. We need to become proclaimers of hope for our nation.

I appeal to all pastors and churches in America: On Thursday, May 3, 2018, let's plan now to stand strong, participate, and even lead in the National Day of Prayer in our communities. Until then, we will pray for America daily. {eoa}

Dr. Ronnie Floyd is the senior pastor of Cross Church, president of the National Day of Prayer, founder of the Cross Church School of Ministry and host of the Ronnie Floyd on Life and Leadership Today podcast.

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